What is a products feed?
What feed formats are allowed?
What benefits do I have as a Trial member?
How is the price of the feed calculated?
What BETA means?
What "custom feature development" means?
What does Undefined plan means?
The feeds are paid according to the number of contained rows and by the applied rules. These packages are called "Plans". Undefined Plan means that you haven't paid any plan for that feed so it will become inactive after your Trial membership expires.

Feed features

Replace the content
Fully or partially replace the content of a column
Extend the column
Add a prefix or a suffix to a column
Apply price commission
Change the price by applying a fixed or percentual commission.
Add new column
Add a new column and define its content
Delete column
Eliminates one or more columns
Reposition columns
Change columns order
Custom feed address
Customize feed's final address for easier identification
Convert format
Change feed's format or alter data configuration
Format URL addresses
Change URLs' structure by modifying or deleting their parameters
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